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Things to do on a Snow Day

Things to do on a snow day - jammy and jelly
1. Get incredibly over excited.
snow day
2. Text everyone you know to inform them of the brilliant news.
snow day
3. Take photo’s of absolutely everything.
snow day
4. Tweet and Instagram the hell out of said photo’s.
5. Venture to the shops for ‘supplies’.
snow day
6. Make a snowman out of all the snow in your garden.
snow day
7. Get too cold and hibernate for the rest of the day. Hot chocolate with marshmallows under a blanket?
Yes Please.
snow day
I love snow days.
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Fan Belt Fail

Fan belt fail - jammy and jelly
After my recent passing-of-the-driving-test I invited the girls to a cinema trip. Just an excuse for us to all go ‘cruisin’ and for me to drive them about really. Now that I can!!
The night did not go as planned.
My fan belt decided to scream bloody murder the whole journey, leaving my friends torn between hysterical laughter and fear that we were going to break down in any minute…
I don’t think my neighbours appreciated the noise as I came home to park either.
fan belt screech new driver
We had a good time really, getting the best stares from boy racers in the macdonald’s car park. You’ve got to laugh.
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Back into the Swing of Things – Quite Literally

Working out - jammy and jelly
getting back into the swing of dancing with friends
Everything has started back up again and is in full flow after the long holiday break.
I could drone on and on about all the boring things that have got back into the ‘swing’ – work, blah, blah – but instead I just wanted to share with you all how good it feels to be going back to dancing!
I really missed flinging my limbs about with the other ladies at my local class. For one whole hour, every Wednesday, I channel my inner goddess and convince myself that I am Beyonce.
Oh sweat bands, how I’ve missed you. Only kidding… I don’t really don the sweat bands. Although, that would be cool…
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Things that happened this Christmas / New Year

Owning that dance floor - jammy and jelly
I got to see lots of family.
Which I love.
seeing family christmas and new year
Everyone ate lots of cheese.
We’re still getting through the left overs, even now!
eating lots of cheese at christmas


My little cousins all dressed up as reindeers.
Just too cute.

family dressed as reindeer christmas
I didn’t manage to get my gifts to my friends on time and before christmas…again.

undelivered presents at christmas
We all got glittery tattoo’s on New Years Eve.
Too old?  NEVER!
getting glitter sparkly tattoos
I covered myself in sequins for New Year and partied it up 80’s style.
There was a light up dance floor and everything!!

disco dancing dance floor new year