Belated birthday - jammy and jelly

Belated Birthday #2

The 27th of October marked the second anniversary of my first jammy and jelly blog post.

belated birthday

Sitting down at my laptop and making ‘jammy and jelly’ was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The enjoyment I get from creating these posts and drawing these little illustrations is just redonculous. Yes, thats right – redonculous. So thanks guys for sticking with me and reading, it means the world :)

6 thoughts on “Belated Birthday #2

  1. Alice

    Happy second blog birthday!! I’m also very pleased you started this space- I love all of your drawings (even if I don’t always comment and say)!! xx

  2. Jasmine

    Happy Birthday! I love your drawings, they are always awesome.
    P.S. Can’t decide on sprinkles or Flakes for your cupcake? Just have both ;)

    1. Emily Post author

      Paha thank you! I actually bought this cake since I’m a terrible cook. But I completely agree – always both! (should’ve thrown on some edible glitter for good measure) :)


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