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Belated birthday

jammy and jelly birthday
So, I was sat painting little blog pictures, minding my own business, when my dad turns to me and says
“You’ve been doing that blog for a while now haven’t you?”
And I was all,
“Erm, well, I guess… I have no idea when I started to be honest”
How can I not know when I started my blog!?!? I know it’s been a little while…and I definitely started writing in the winter…
So, I checked it out, and my first blog post was on (drum roll please), the
27th October 2011
I missed the one year anniversary of my blog!
So here’s a belated birthday post for you, Jammy and Jelly.

You’ve kept me occupied and busy on many a cold and, would be, boring evening.
You didn’t have any direction in the beginning and bumbled on about nothing in particular, but you’re now finding your way after realising how fun drawing pictures can be. The main lesson you’ve taught me, “Write what you know” and so together we did a bit less of this (what was that all about!??!) and more simple story telling of all the silly things that I do and my shambolic love life – which is much more satisfying.
You’ve made me try more things after reading other fabulous blog posts, even though I haven’t always been successful, it has always been fun trying.
You made me branch out and discover new things such as Instagram and Twitter.
This past year has been a pleasure, thanks to you and the lovely people that read and leave comments :)
Happy Birthday Jammy and Jelly.
Here’s to the next year!
Better late than never…
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Cosy Night In Idea #1

Movie night - jammy and jelly
So. I’ve noticed that the weather has suddenly turned so chilly, wet and windy, (great observations there Emily) that leaving my cosy, warm and dry house seems near impossible.
Staying in has become my new, favourite thing to do.
Staying in is the new going out!
Or, at least, it will be, after I’ve come up with enough “Cosy Night In Idea’s”. Cue the winter series of posts I’m going to bring you :)
The first tried and tested idea?
You may recall my recent post on Scary Movie Survivial. This was after a horror movie marathon with two of my good friends. It was such a good way to spend the evening, without out getting too cold, or poor.
Rent a couple of films – if you’re really strapped for cash (hello students), ask your guests to all bring a couple of their favourite DVD’s and pick from the bunch.
Just remember to stay open minded… you don’t want to ruin the night by accidently taking the peee of someone’s choices. Such as me, and my massive Disney collection. I’m 22, they’re kids movies. What about it?
Get some good grubbins (snacks, to normal people) – Popcorn, Pizza. My lovely friends are also wonderful at baking and, luckily for me, usually bring cakes and other treats :)

Get under the duvet – yep. Its snuggling time. My friends even bring their pj’s over to make things extra comfy.
Cushty :)

I have no idea why I drew the heads so large in this last picture… me and my friends have extremely average head sizes in real life, I promise.
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I fed the birds…

I fed the birds... - jammy and jelly
feeding fed the ducks
A friend and I recently took a little trip to our local wildlife park.
I may have gone a little bird lady crazy…
It was like I was duck feeding power tripping or something.
Me and the birds were like ‘Bezzies’. There I was, sprinkling the food left, right and centre. I loved the birds, and the birds loved me.
That was, until I ran out of food. The birds turned on me.
We were literally surrounded by angry ducks! They stalked us all the way around the park, I kid you not!!!
It was like being duck mugged… fickle, fickle ducks.
feeding the birds
Next we went into a reptile house, pretty cool, and then an ‘Eden’ type garden for birds which was lovely. I’m a big bird fan so, seeing them all flit about in such a beautiful setting, was just lovely :)
I am not, however, a fan of fish or deep water, or anything that combines the two. The giant coy carp pool in the middle of the ‘eden’ really freaked me out… imagine falling into that! Giant goldfish swimming all around you…between your toes…ewwwwww
coy carp
Er, sorry about this little fish’s fin coming out of his eyeball… I didn’t have time to redraw the picture.
We then made our way up to feed wallabies! So cute. then we got to feed penguins!! The best part about going in term time… fewer children to share the fish with! We had loads of little fishies to throw to the penguins and it was so much fun!! Even though we were holding cold, dead, fish… ew.
feeding penguins
It was such a good day! I want to go back!!
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Scary Movie Survival

Scary movie survival - jammy and jelly

You may have read THIS post about how I like to watch very ‘unscary’ films with friends on Halloween…

However, this year the girls decided that we should go and watch Paranormal Activity 4 at the cinema. Instead of out right refusing, I decided that I, Emily, scaredy-cat-BIG-chicken-“I’ll-never-watch-a-horror-film-it’s-just-plain-silly”, should ‘man up’ and attempt to get into this whole ‘scaring yourself is fun thing’.
Now, I’m not crazy, I didn’t throw myself straight into one of the scariest films out this year, in a dark cinema, without any preparation. As a compromise, my friends have to come over to my house a couple of times this week to watch the first three paranormal activity films to (as I put it) “see how it goes…”.
It was okay! But precautions had to be taken. And so, I give you,
‘My guide to surviving the scariest of movies’
For Big Chickens and Scardy Pants
1. Have your friends close!! And the bravest ones closer.
We all huddled together under a duvet surrounded by numerous pillows for “protection”.
2. Keep the lights on.
This is only for the real chicken’s like me. It may compromise your enjoyment of the film but, my goodness, didn’t it make things seem a lot less scary! Banish the dark corners and weird shadows!
3. Have nibbles out ready.
It’s useful to have a bowl of popcorn at the ready, so when things get really tense, you can distract yourself with the munchies.
4. If it gets really REALLY bad, hit the mute button.
Be careful though, you’re friends may get a little angry if you do this constantly… like I didn’t do… honestly.
5. Laugh.
I finally get the whole ‘sacring yourself is fun’ thing. Me and my friends jumped out of our skins and made some crazy shrieky noises that night. It was ten times funnier than it was scary, after all that.
6. Have the Disney ready.
Thats right, a Disney marathon afterwards is a must. Our picks? The Little Mermaid and Beauty and The Beast.
7. Don’t let your friends leave.
Well, not for as long as possible anyway… I managed to keep mine until about 2 in the morning, then they really had to go. But I slept with the lights off all by myself! WIN!
So, give it a try, it’s really not that bad!
I’d still rather watch Brave though
Don’t tell anyone
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A Little Less Scary

Movie night for Halloween - jammy and jelly
So, if you hadn’t already noticed, it’s Halloween at the end of this month.
Well, for some people… I know that not everyone celebrates it.
But, if you do celebrate Halloween, and like me, are a massive scardie pants. Then this is the post for you!
I have listed a couple of scare free (almost) movies to watch for all the big chickens out there like myself.
I love putting on a good film and eating lots of sweeties around Halloween time so here are some suggestions.
Hocus Pocus
A Halloween classic! Me and my siblings used to watch this when we were little, it was terrifying back then! But now, not so much. It’s funny and an easy watch. I managed to pick my copy up recently for about £3 in HMV so look out for it! It’s my number one recommendation. Also, I only realised recently but it stars Sarah Jessica Parker!!
Here’s a nice little Link for you to click on, with a much better description!
The Scary Movies
How many of these are there now? 4? more? I’ve not seen them all but the ones that I have seen have given me a giggle. For anyone that doesn’t know about the Scary Movie franchise I’ll sum it up for you the best that I can. Scary-movie-spoof-comedies that won’t scare your pants off. However, a lot of the sceens are direct spoofd of actual scary movies, and if like me, you’ve seen, well, NONE of the originals, then some of the jokes and references are wasted. Still a good laugh though.
If you fancy a look at those click here.
The Twilight Saga
It has vampires and warewolves in it, so that counts. Right? And lots of fitties…
Wizards and witches, it falls into the halloween catagory. As if we needed another excuse to watch Harry Potter all over again?!
Dark Shadows
I haven’t seen this one yet, so it’s a rental possibility for this halloween. It looks good on the trailer, has anyone seen it?
Sweeney Todd
For anyone that can stomache it. Not my favourite but if you like Johnny Depp and a little sing-a-long then give it a whirl.
Anyone have any suggestions??
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Does anyone else go spring clean crazy a couple of hours before a guest comes to stay??
I’ve worn myself out in preparation for one of my best friends visiting for the weekend. I’ve dusted every surface and cleaned every corner of the house, I don’t know why I’m so worried about it though, she didn’t come to see the house. She came to see meee :) She won’t be lifting up score cards in the taxi home.
The weathers not too great but hopefully I’ll be able to find some fun things for us to do as I don’t get to see this gal very often. She’s away for months at a time with work so I’m really excited to see her after so long!!
I’ll blog if we do anything incredible.
Right, I’m off to light scented candles! (Does that sound a bit weird?!? I’m not trying to woo her…)
Hope everyones having a good week!
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Who Needs Revision

It seems that I will never learn… DON’T LEAVE REVISION TO THE LAST MINUTE.
I thought I was being clever when I booked my driving theory test about a month in advance, to give me a month to revise and learn it.
It seemed like a sensible plan. Book the test and then you’ll HAVE to learn it.

Two nights before, I realised that I’ve got to sit down and take the test, and haven’t learnt a thing, not ONE thing, to help me pass.
I went out and panic bought a DVD to help me learn everything and spent the next 48 hours (almost litterally), learning and prepping for the test. That DVD was pretty incredible because…

miraculously, I managed to pass!!


Now I’ve just got to figure out a way to pass the practical test… I definitely won’t be able to fluke that one…

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Hypochondriac? me?

I may have had a slight hypochondriac moment yesterday. I became a bit of a drama queen, it would seem.

It was a regular Saturday and I was up and ready for the day… and frustrated that I couldn’t get my mobile to connect to the home Wi-Fi…

Then, my skin started to itch like crazy.

I go upstairs and see that my body is covered in this bumpy rash and it was spreading!!

I freaked out and do what all pathetic girls do at a time like this, I called my mother.


phone mum panic
The conversation, pretty much, went something like this:
Mum: “what does it look like?”
Me: “like, reeeeally bad cellulite” (I was probably panting at this point, I was so worried)
“It’s probably heat rash”
“Heat rash, you’re probably just too hot” (the woman’s tone was cool as a cucumber)
“Oh… are you sure!?!? It’s SPREADING”
“Yes Emily, have a cold shower and put calamine lotion on it to soothe the itch”
“Oh, alright. Thanks mum”
I genuinely thought that I was going to burst into flames or something… slightly embarrassing.
Still at least it was nothing major!
Despite the mundane-ness (is that even a word?) of my “illness”, I still managed to get a cheeky sick day off work today. Naughty.
This Duvet day has definitely been worth the drama :) 

duvet day