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Practically Amish

This week, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have been (almost) cut off from the world of social media!
In a moment of pure air-headedness, I left my phone on the bus :(
I realised my MASSIVE mistake just intime to watch the bus pull away.
…I can still picture the moment so clearly now… in slow motion… with that hazey movie effect….


I feel so naked, are people trying to get hold of me? And the thought that someone could be rifling through all my pictures and messages… How am I going to contact people?!
But that’s alright, its times like this that facebook becomes a lot less stalkery and much more useful.
However, someone obviously doesn’t want me to have a social life or friends. Facebook has blocked me out! Apparently, you can’t keep using the same e-mail account that you had in high school, especially if you’ve forgotten the password to that e-mail account…it’s been growing metaphorical dust bunnies. It becomes none and void.
I’ve changed all the settings but can’t go onto facebook for THIRTEEN more hours?!!?!?
How will I contact my friends?!?
How will I know which accuaintence’s birthday it is?!?!
Who’s going to tell me who’s gone from “it’s complicated” to “in a (facebook official) relationship”?!?!
Am I going to have to start talking to people face-to-face?!?
No Whatsapp, BBM, to communicate through…
It’s going to be tough, readers.
Next time I’ll be getting out phone insurance.
Lesson learnt.
I miss landlines…