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Ghost in the Cupboard

The scariest thing happened to me last week at work.

A cupboard door locked me out from the inside!! Is that even possible!?!?

locked out by ghost

I pushed and shoved until my cheeks turned red, and never did make it back into the cupboard.

locked out by ghost

Ghost 3

There’s definitely a ghost in there. Definitely.

ghost in the cupboard

P.s I also posted this as my first EVER video on instagram!! To check it out follow me :)


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The Missed Opportunity

We recently had a group of people doing some “top secret” stuff where I work.

To my complete and utter surprise, a ‘right fittie’ walks in.

For two weeks straight I attempted and failed, to talk to this Italian-looking-stallion during his lunch break.

missed opportunity door

missed opportunity old lady

missed opportunity puddle

For two weeks straight, we failed to hold a conversation.

I don’t even know his name.

Maybe next time, ILS (Italian-looking-stallion, obvs), maybe next time.

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Everything’s Better When The Sun Shines

We have summer here in the UK!! Finally!!!

Everything seems so much better in the sunshine. It puts me in a ridiculously good mood!

I keep instagramming every pretty flower that I find. (Er – sorry about that).

sunshine flowers

People are so much friendlier.

sunshine hello

And I just want to run around every patch of grass singing like I’m in ‘The Sound of Music’.

sunshine hills

Oh, I do love summer.

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The Most Incredible Birthday

May is ‘The Birthday Month’ where lots of my friends have birthdays, and last week, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!

I had one of the most incredible days.

It was one of those days where you don’t plan a thing and you end up having lots of amazing things to do.

My brother surprised me with a mountain of pancakes in the morning (strawberries and maple syrup anyone?).

pancakes for birthday breakfast

Then, we decided to take his dog for a walk to a nearby (beautiful) town that we don’t venture out to a lot.

We had a nature overdose!

On our trip we saw: ducks, swans, a fox, horses, the most beautiful bluebell copse, lambs and ewes… it was blowing my mind.

fox bluebells lambs horses

We also found mushrooms bigger than our heads.

giant mushroom

We got chased out of a field by a donkey. Well, I got chased out of a field by a donkey. My brother stayed and insisted that the donkey was just being friendly, I knew better. Crazed donkey.

chased by friendly donkey

We also had time to walk along the pier with ice-creams, and stop in a barn shop for pink lemonade (!!).

Finally, we finished off the day in style by grabbing a KFC and sitting on the cliff tops to watch the sunset (after getting quite lost in the car…).

watching the sunset KFC

It was beautiful.