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Things I’ve learnt whilst christmas shopping

Christmas shopping - jammy and jelly
My mum and I did our annual ‘Christmas Shop’ last week. We don’t live close to any big shopping centre’s so its a rare trip that we take when we’re going to be completely serious and dedictaed to shopping. I love it.
However, at this time of year, the shopping lists are long and the shopping centres, busy.
These are some things that I learnt during the course of the day.
1. Comfort is key. So my lace up pumps aren’t quite as quite as my studded ballerina dollies, but my goodness are they neccessary when prancing about from shop to shop, for hours on end.
The squidgier the soles, the better.
wearing sensible comfortable shoes for christmas shopping
2. Plan your attack. My mum and I always have a system that we stick to. It helps us not to get confused or distracted and makes sure we don’t miss anything.
planning shopping attack hitting sales
3. You can never have too many lists. ‘Things to buy’, ‘people to buy for’, and ‘things for me’ were three subcatergories on my list :) They help you to get less distracted and save you from those ‘noooooo-I-forgot-the-(insert item here)-for-whoever’ moments when you get home.
making lists for shopping
4. A bag for life is always a good idea. You’ll never have to juggle tiny plastic bags from allsorts of different shops again. Just pop it all in your canvas bag for life. Stopping you from loosing any small bags whilst you’re out and about AND saving your fingers from the horrible ‘digging in’ the plastic bags can cause.
too many bags to carry shopping bag for life
5. Sustinance is key. Don’t forget to feed and water yourself! The coffee shop break is a chance to get your bearings and escape crazy shoppers.
stop for drink when shopping
Speaking of crazy shoppers…
6. Channel your inner zen-jedi-goddess-yoda-pilates-instructor and chill out. Everyone tearing around you, scrapping for their size in that dress? Just zone them out. You are a fountain of tranquility, no-one can get into your bubble of peace. (Headphones really help you to zone out from all the madness) Calm it, yeah?
crazy christmas and sale shoppers


And finally,
7. Enjoy yourself, I really do love plodding about the shops with my ma, and when you find the ‘perfect’ gifts for your friends and family… it’s beautiful.
happy christmas and sale shopper bag for life