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Today is…

Today is... speak like a Pirate day

… Speak like a pirate day!


Ahoy me jolly buckos,

Did ye be known’ that this day be speak like a scurvy pirate day?

I thought I’d prepare a couple ‘o incredibly useful sentences to get ye started…

For first thing in the morning – “Avast! ‘Tis a fine sunrise beautiful mateys.”
For when something good/trashy is on the telly – “Be off away, I be needing’ quiet the hour whilst Made in Chelsea  Game of Thrones XFactor be on th’ telly.”
For when anyone tries to speak to you before your first coffee – “I be sorry, I ain’t understand ye. Do ye speak pirate?”
For 6pm – “Tis ye turn to cook.”
For when you’ve lost your, er, parrot – “Whar be me trusty parrot?”
And for always – “Be off and get me some rum.”

So there ye have it… speak like a pirate day! Don’t forget to be telling’ all ye mateys!