2014 illustration- jammy and jelly

Fancy getting doodled?

To kick start 2014 (say whaaaaat), I thought it might be fun to draw some of you guys and give my blue-dress-paint a rest.

Just let me know your new years resolutions and I’ll try to get a sketch up somewhere and tag you in it so that you can see!

2014 illustration

Serious or silly, whatever you fancy, just let me know one of your resolutions for 2014 :)

You can tweet me, use my Facebook page, email or simply comment here and I’ll try to do as many as possible.

You can see all the drawings here!

Happy New Year!!

12 thoughts on “Fancy getting doodled?

  1. Courtney

    My New Years resolutions are to actually save some cash to visit my boyfriend rather than buy heaps of make up! And to walk my huge fluffy dog lots! Happy New Year! Xx

  2. Elsie

    My New Years resolutions are to read a book a month and to travel to a new country!
    Hope you have a lovely new year x

  3. Sarah Shumate

    I saw you mentioned on Dannielle’s blog today and just had to come check out the artist behind the doodle. :o) I’m looking forward to seeing how you draw your life! Any sort of genes carrying artistic talent completely skipped over me and went straight to my sister, so I admire those who can express themselves as you do! Following on Facebook so I can keep up!

    1. Emily Post author

      Thanks Sarah! Danielle wrote such a lovely post – I was thrilled! I’m glad she liked her picture so much, and thanks for the follow! :)


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