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New Year’s Resolution Round Up

In a bit of a post Christmas, blogging slum – I decided at the start of January, that it was time to start painting someone other than myself. I put out some messages, offering to sketch up you lot doing your New Year’s Resolutions and the response was incredible! I had no idea just how many of you would like a little illustration, it was so flattering!
People were using them as their profile pictures, printing them off as motivation, and so many of you popped the pictures onto your own blogs (check out the links below). It’s just been massive wins all round!
Every single picture was a pleasure to put together and the reactions you gave kept this huge grin on my face.

Thanks for every like, pin, retweet, follow and favourite – any hint of the  ‘January blues’ has been squished into a tiny box and thrown away!

resolutions summary

Happy 2014 and thank you!

The links to take a look at all of the illustrations together:
Here on
On Facebook
And I put a few up on Instagram

Blog posts featuring those Illustrations:
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Princess Possumbean
Cider with Rosie
Little Winter
Stephanie Dreams
Gold Dust

Don’t forget to let me know if you also put up your Jammy and Jelly illustration somewhere – I’d love to see!

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Round Up

  1. Cat Fyson

    Thanks for the mention m’love, and a double triple quadruple thank you for myl ovely illustration which is now my Facebook profile picture! :D Such a brilliant idea and I’m rather envious of your talent! xx

  2. Dixx

    I posted mine on my blog as well, but I guess you saw that on twitter. :d thank you again, lovely Emily!!
    I was thinking if I can crop it somehow to make it a profile pic for the blog, taking out the flying books, so it looks more general. :d. would you mind? (of course I’ll still link it to your blog)

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

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