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Resolutions #41 – #46

Leah is going to try to do Yoga at least once a week.

yoga illustration

Andreea is going to create her own album of the Botanical Garden.

photography flowers illustration

Sarah wants to be able to do 10 ‘big boy’ push ups by April!

keep fit illustration

Some of Rosie’s resolutions are to ‘wear red’, ‘do pilates’ and ‘plant herbs’.

yoga illustration

Steph would like to start training her adorable new puppy, Severus.

puppy training illustration

And Katy, is going not to buy anymore¬†unnecessary¬†fairy lights (most of the time – they are necessary…)

little winter illustration

6 thoughts on “Resolutions #41 – #46

  1. I love mine, thank you Emily!
    Would you mind if I use it in a blog post next week (credit provided obviously!)?
    P.S. I have done Yoga twice this week :)

    1. Paha congratulations on sticking to your resolution, not many make it all the way through January :) I’m glad you like it! – And I’d love it if you used it in your post, tweet me or let me know on here so I can go and look?

  2. They are all lovely! Thank you very much!
    Andreea |

    1. Thank you Andreea :) Glad you like them!

  3. Wow all of these look so great and amazing!! I’m totally jealous of your illustration skills. If it’s not too much (whenever you are free) can you do a post on how you make your illustrations or if you use any other applications to display them better(like illustrator or photoshop)
    -Aish xx

    1. Wow, I’d never thought of doing a post like that – I’m really flattered that you’ve even suggested it! My illustration process is very simple, but I’d be more than happy to share it with you! I’ll pop it on the list :) Thank Aish! x

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